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    Facebook Hashtag | Invortex

    Excessive Facebook Hashtags can seriously Impact your Online Branding

    Facebook remarkably created a highly interactive and socialized market segment for marketers. Marketers identified Facebook as an emerging online consumer market segment and swiftly started engaging with the right target audience using Fan Pages empowered with all the social SEO skills but one of these techniques might become a nightmare for your online branding. Read more..

    New-FB-Pages 3

    Facebook Redesigned Fan Pages: All New Look and Feel

    It is indeed a fact that Facebook has given new skylines to the field of social media marketing where it is actually more about engaging the real target audience. Followed by significant success of the feature of business pages, Facebook redesigned fan pages providing all new look and feel both for the admins and page visitors. Read more..

    Facebook Social Plug-In

    Branding Through Facebook

    We all know what Sales is and if you are an entrepreneur you must know the value of revenue generation from your business. Bringing up an invention is really not easy as it sounds but making that invention source of revenue generation and making it viral in your target market is something which can put you in stress mode. Read more..


    SEO: Get More Customers This Christmas!

    If you still stand in the queue of businesses that haven't yet started making efforts to optimize their website for the year’s greatest event, then you sure are inches away to lose the big share in sales. It’s high time you start ramping up for your SEO before it’s too late. Any efforts that you put in now must be executed with great accuracy and with lightning fast speed. Read more..


    Blogging: “I have got to read that”

    Every blogger is yearning to get numerous comments and back links for their work. But what is the ingredient that actually makes a blog worth it. By having a stack of blogs written in the past few years I have comprehended a few things that actually provoke your audience to read it. In this blog I will cover up those points which I have learnt from my personal experience. Read more..

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