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    Facebook - Invortex Technologies featured

    30 million Small Businesses have Facebook Pages, Where Do You Stand?

    Social Media has become one of the most effective ways to communicate with the target audience but only a few years have given significant rise to the number of emerging Facebook fan pages where Facebook has been continually transforming its dynamics by raising a simple question to millions of businesses asking about their future social identity and standing. Read more..


    Google Launches “Project Zero” – A Quest against securing the Worldwide Internet

    Google along with George Hotz, the top most hacker has just started the "Project Zero" with a definitive goal for eliminating the worst security bugs and vulnerabilities from the internet ultimately focusing to bring a safer internet environment for the common people. Read more..

    Google Play Logo - Invortex Technologies

    Android users should go for an absolute mobile security app

    Its time to revise your Android phone's security and confidentiality parameters. A recent research by one of the most famous security analytics institute revealed significant existence of malicious apps on the Google Play Market. Read more..

    Web Hosting - Invortex 3

    Google will soon become the biggest domain registrar

    Followed by a number of updates and new services, Google has stepped into the domain markets featuring extended possibilities for webmasters to unleashing their dependency on a few of the leading Web Hosting Services providers. Explore what is inside the Google Domains. Read more..

    Covert Redirect Logo - Invortex Technologies

    Covert Redirect Follows the Heartbleed with a huge hype

    Huge rumors have been identified in the recent week claiming that now a new threat exists following the same circumstances as of the Heartbleed. Yes it is the Covert Redirect rumor that captured the majority of technology critics but the critical analysis revealed something very different and surprising. Read more..

    mozilla 150

    Mozilla has come up with its all new Design Layout

    In the fast moving technological era where creativity, innovation and smartness are the essentials for surviving amongst the huge online rivalry, Mozilla empowers its top most standing in the list of world's most favorite web browsing platforms through its all new look and feel. Read more..

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